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Music, Sex and Industry - Vol. 1
   The very first novel published by LlimeWorks Press is currently available in printed form as well as a variety of digital formats. The novel Do, Re, Mi and the Big C is Ernest Samuel Llime's first publishing endeavor. It is volume one of a projected trilogy entitled 'Music, Sex and Industry'.

The story follows the characters of a Coney Island freak show as they perform, love and struggle against some industrial/pharma giants.

Sol a.k.a the Big C an ex-Soviet doctor starts a free clinic that tries to help cancer victims. The powers that be are not happy and they try to destroy it. Sol and his friends form the New Coney Island Vaudeville Show form a motley but most effective opposition.

The novel introduces some fascinating characters, presenting them in all of their naked glory. The sexual encounters are not always of the conventional kind and some of them might be slightly disturbing. Read with a grain of salt!    

ISBN-10: 0692395857
ISBN-13: 978-0692395851