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The Alzabo Circle was originally an open mic event hosted by me, Ernest Samuel Llime. It furnished a microphone and a PA system to anyone who felt the need to express themselves, be it vocally or through some instrument. Poets, storytellers, rappers, stand-up comedians and other performing and/or creative folks made use of the platform. A website as well as a Facebook page were also created. For a variety of reasons, the open mic was discontinued. As I am somewhat handy with web design, I decided to extend the functionality of the web site. There will eventually be more functions, but as it stands now, anyone who would like a soap box on the web and has original things to say, is most welcome. Once again, word-smiths, musicians, songwriters and so on are most welcome. Additionally, visual artists of any kind will hopefully find the site beneficial. 

The Alazabo Circle is associated with Llime Works Press and some works will find their way into print, electronic books and other kinds of media. That is not an automatic connection. A signed agreement will have to be executed at such a future time.
Please contact administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions, suggestions or complaints. We will reply within 48 hours.

Getting started.

1. Create an account or sign-in with a social one.
2. Create an article about you.
    a. Click Submit an Article on the left side of page - it will open the TinyMCE editor.
    b. The editor is very versatile and you can create a free-form article right there following these steps:
        - Give it a title - Your name or pen name should do it.
        - Insert your picture or avatar. a 200 x 200 should do the trick, but you may insert a larger one.
          Easiest way, just drag it from any folder into the edit area.
        - Insert links to your other sites and social media. You can find the icons by clicking the  button
          on the tools strip. It will take you to the folder containing the icons.
        - If you'd like to insert a video link, click the insert videobutton
        - Highlight an icon (or some text) click the insert link button and paste your link.
        - Write or paste some stuff about you.
      - If you're familiar with html, you can edit and/or copy code by scrolling down and clicking the
          Toggle Editor button.
      - You may view an Example artist page here: Example Page
        - Now, click the Publishing tag and select Category Artist form the drop down list.
        - Add some tags. We recommend your full name as a tag Hit enter and add any other tags
          that you think would pop-up in a search.
        - That's it. Just click the save button.
How do I publish an article?

1. An article may include prose, poetry, images and/or video links to just about any video provider (Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion etc.)
    If you have read the getting started topic, you know almost everything about creating an article. Two more things:
       a. We recommend that you use 12pt to 14pt font size for your titles and 10pt for your contents.
       b. You may tweak your image sizes by clicking the insert/edit image button.

How do I publish an ad?

1. Publish as any other article, but place it in the 'ads' category. You can also go to the 'Publishing' tab and select star and finish dates.

When will my ad show?

1. The ads sliderr uses a randomizing algorithm. The ads within the slider change every time the home page is visited or refreshed.
2. Ad serving will be free until the end of August. Until then, all ads have equal weight and the number of times they will be viewed depends on the number of viewers.

Where do I publish an event or gig?

1. Presently, you can publish your event or gig in the ads category. We will implement those categories in the future.

What about my copyright?

1. The copyright is always yours. You are only allowing The Alzabo limited publishing rights.
    See Terms and Conditions for details.

What's a Random Video/Poem?

1. The randomizer created by Gegabyte Technologies displays a random article form an entire category.
2. Thus, the video randomizer will display a random video everytime the page is refreshed.
3. The poem randomizer will do the same thing for a poem.


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