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If you like rock'nroll you'll love this one. MiG Ayesa rocks big time! Download his tracks or buy CD's here: MiG's store.

Holy Hikers

Harry and Radha Krishna were a young, healthy and very good looking couple. They loved the outdoors and often went on long difficult hikes.
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Wet Guitar
Ernest Samuel Llime

Torn between two lovers, Janey and Mrs. B.

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Amazing progressive psychedelia by Swedish band In the Labyrinth - brainchild of master musician and multi-instrumentalist Peter Lindahl. 


Solomon Weinstein, ex-Soviet Doctor befriends Remo Williams, leader of a troupe of Coney Island Veaudeville misfits.
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Levitating sex bunnies necrophilia as a resuscitation aid, BDSM in place of rehab.
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