The Alzabo Circle was originally an open mic event hosted by me, Ernest Samuel Llime. It furnished a microphone and a PA system to anyone who felt the need to express themselves, be it vocally or through some instrument. Poets, storytellers, rappers, stand-up comedians and other performing and/or creative folks made use of the platform. A website as well as a Facebook page were also created. For a variety of reasons, the open mic was discontinued. As I am somewhat handy with web design, I decided to extend the functionality of the web site. There will eventually be more functions, but as it stands now, anyone who would like a soap box on the web and has original things to say, is most welcome. Once again, word-smiths, musicians, songwriters and so on are most welcome. Additionally, visual artists of any kind will hopefully find the site beneficial. 

The Alazabo Circle is associated with Llime Works Press and some works will find their way into print, electronic books and other kinds of media. That is not an automatic connection. A signed agreement will have to be executed at such a future time.

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