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Raya Leefmans was born in Suriname but raised in New York. As a self proclaimed traveling enthusiast, she is determined to make several trips a year to see all the places on her travel list. She has been working on her novel for almost 3 years in fits and starts but hopes to be able to complete her manuscript by the end of 2017 with the hope to release it in early 2018. As a newbie blogger she is premiering her new site at the end of March 2017, it has some of her old content but will be focused more on the work she is currently involved with. She is a writer, blogger, editor, manager, and Plexus ambassador (visit her site for more on this). She has a few additional projects in the pipeline and hopes to have new and exciting things for you soon. In spite of her busy schedule and multiple travels, she has also managed to acquire a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature.

Check out her social media for upcoming events and projects. Her blog can be found on her website listed under 'My Hoopla.' All inquires can be directed to the email listed. Hope you enjoyed all of her works and welcome positive feedback.

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