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Shy Davis

Shy Speaks - podcast

Snapchat - User name: shy-davis

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Shy Davis was born in Jamaica and moved to the United States as an adolescent. She is a model, writer and podcast host with numerous projects in the works. She has recently begun writing poetry and is exploring the medium. Shy a massage therapy graduate and has a degree in biology. She currently works in the media industry with 7 years of experience and is looking to switch to massage therapy full time. She has also been an avid blogger for the last 4 years but is currently taking a break to focus on her podcast 'Shy Speaks'. Season 2 of her podcast is currently in pre-production. With the hope to release a novel in mid to late 2017, she is diligently working on completing the manuscript.

Check out her social media for upcoming events and projects. Her blog can be found on her website listed under 'My Hoopla.' All inquiries can be directed to her manager, Raya Leefmans (contact email list as well). Hope you enjoyed all of her works and welcome positive feedback.

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