Timmy the Timid would like to keep his anonymity probably because he has contributed a story to a soon to be published Lime Works Press anthology of erotica. The anthology, Eye of the Beholder, was edited and compiled by Ernest Samuel Llime.

This is what Mr. Llime had to say about Timmy's first story:

Timmy is actually of Scottish descent and he does play the bagpipes. The rest of his story is not very likely, though I did enjoy reading it well enough to include it here. He told me that his story was partially inspired by a place called Yer Man's Pub that used to be located in Kew Gardens, New York. I've been there myself a few times and it was a regular hangout for commercial flight crews. A few hundred bras were hanging from the ceiling and it was said that they had been  donated by female flight attendants.

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