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"The spelling of 'MiG' with a capital 'G' is taken from the Soviet aircraft manufacturer Mikoyan Gurevich, the maker of the MiG jets." - MiG

MiG Ayesa was born on 12 January in Manila, Philippines. MiG's family moved to Sydney, Australia when he was aged 2, where he and his older brother Andrew were then raised. MiG attended St. Patrick's College, Strathfield and went on to study communications at Macquarie University, Sydney. During this time MiG was also a singer/songwriter forming several bands throughout the years, as he pursued his life-long dream of becoming a recording artist.

MiG's credits are too many to relate here. For a full bio pleased go to his site MiG Music.

MiG is  working on new material for an upcoming album.

Contact MiG Ayesa for copyright and publishing info.

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