End of Day
ESL - April, 2016 - Escondido

Woke up this morning
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Kissed my woman
Had some coffee
She had toast and tea

We toured the Temecula valley
For some wine and joviality

Back at the room
Hot tired and illogically irate,
We had a silly fight
But we made up before it got too late

We took a shower
And she soaped my back and head
I soaped and rubbed her everywhere
We took it to the bed

And now, after the fighting and the loving
are all done
We spoon so perfectly, so close
You'd think that we are one

I kiss one pretty shoulder
as I reach to off the light
She snuggles back against me
and I bid her a heartfelt

'Sweet dreams my love,
Good Night!'


Copyright © 2015 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.

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