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Let Us Pretend
ESL - July, 2007

... anyway, we could make a brand new start today,
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We could misplace our arguments along the way,
We could pretend there's no position to defend,
I could pretend, I could pretend, I could pretend.

Certainly, you'd always make a fool of me,
I wish that things were like they used to be,
I wish I didn't feel this is the end,
We could pretend, we could pretend, we could pretend.

We'd talk about the weather,
Good times we've had together,
We'd laugh and say No! This is not the end
If we pretend, we just pretend, then maybe it would mend.

... anyway, wish I had better things that I could say,
Let's just forget about that dreadful month of May,
Let us pretend we'll be together to the end,
I could pretend, I could pretend, I could pretend.

Gracefully, you always find the best in me,
You make the future bright as organdy,
Forget the words I said towards the end,
We could pretend, let us pretend, please let's pretend.

Copyright © 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.
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