Ode to the Blue Moon
ESL - July, 2015 - Woodhaven

My friend Jennifer says, there's gonna be a blue moon
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Ain't gonna happen again soon
It's an event all right!
So I'm taking a break from my important writs
To try and conjure up some tender lines that do not lean on tits.

Was writing part two of a novel trilogy
Had stopped and started working on some real fun smuttery
But then my mind took a sharp turn
And went into a circular sci story.
It shakes me like a puppy
And I have no remedy.

I need to go where it will will
Whether a vinyard or a hidden liquer still
And now it says the blue moon in its most majestic glory
Overrides any kind of erotic, silly, dime-store story.
Selene, the moon is all that's beautiful and feminine
She is to thank for the enlightened life I find myself in.

Selene has always been my muse
And when I did deny her it was just a ruse.
She came to me in chilly Nordic winds
She blew onto me hot Tropical things.
She scared me with the darkness in her mind
She then inflamed me with the red fire of her kind

Hail to the Goddess Moon
Hail to the Moon
And may she ever be more than a toon
I worship, love and bow to you.

My mother, daughter, lover
How many times can I say what so few do understand.
My wisdom, inspiration, guiding light
I will come out to worship all of you tonight.
I'll light a candle before striking up the band
Then make some music I won't make for any other.

The Queen her back had turned on me one time
But neither her nor any other did I deem as mine.
And for whatever piece of her she'd ever share
I wish she'd understand I never stopped to care.
The moon is not a thing one can possess
That's not the road to happiness.

And so tonight just after fall of dark
Go out and raise your eyes
To try and see what I always do see
The feminine in all its naked panoply
Revealing all to anyone who has the eyes to see
I love you!

I want to nurture you with words the way you nourished me with breasts
I want to console and uplift you like you did when I was wounded
I want to lift you up, rock you to sleep like you where baby
Never afeared, your spirit will look over me always.

Copyright © 2015 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.

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