Sex on the Beach
ESL - April, 2016 - Woodhaven

Osculation, copulation, anticipation
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That last one's for me
Some do the 66, some do the 99
While others, appetizing 69

Naked bodies far as eye can see
Some kiss, some fuck, some grab some ass
But I am too chicken, none of that for me
Only sex on the beach that I had came in a glass

I drink up my sex on the beach
Switch to a slow comfortable screw
Followed by one up against the wall
And end with a blow job to top it all.

Don't know where they all came from
Me, I have come from afar
All the sex is now done, some light up cigarettes
I figure, what the heck and light up my cigar.

Copyright © 2016 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.

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