Chinese Christmas

ESL - October, 2015 - Woodhaven

When I wrote this story I had a whole introspective introduction. It went something like this:

... and so, this is Christmas
... they're cutting down trees

Joni Mitchell

... anyway, I'm Jewish and an agnostic to boot. Still, I would like to understand this spirit of giving, and so on. So I tried! I poured myself a nice glass of cognac, and meditated on the metaphysical nature of this holiday. I know Jesus was also a Jew and I think, that his TRUE followers would not mind my Jewishness at all. So, I thought about what I could give someone, anyone. After a while, it dawned on me that the cost of my cognac (and I mean just one glass of it), could probably buy a pair of rabbits for someone in Africa. For those amongst you who may not be aware of this, rabbits multiply a LOT! An African family of four could easily survive on that pair of rabbits for a very long time and even prosper. So, I could have one less drink a day - that should make quite a difference. But what about the oil that I use to power my car, heat up my home, recharge my cell phone and my notebook. Now that, could probably generate enough power to run a small village in Nepal or somewhere. The clothes I wear, most of you may not be aware of the labor and natural resources involved in manufacturing a pair of jeans - but I know!

My thoughts kept going in that direction for a while and then it just dawned on me: Africa and Nepal and who knows which other geographical areas of this Earth might be a lot better off if I just killed myself. They could do wonders with that extra money (haven't figured out yet. how it would get there - but why should I care, I'd be dead!)

I do not have any particular reasons to stick around much longer. I have already accomplished about as much as I can hope to. I wrote some pretty good songs. I played on a lot of stages - though none of them was too big, I still consider that an accomplishment. I published a couple of novels and lots of short stories and poems. I have sired four children and they in turned have blessed me with nine grandchildren. I also fought in a couple of wars and (not that I kept any count,) I have removed a little more than that number to make place for them on this Earth.

As I contemplate my options I gaze at my computer screen. I must have been checking my FB page because there it is. My cousin Virginia had just posted something or another and I am reminded that I have promised her that I will write a steampunk Christmas story. What the heck, I might as well do that before I go. Wouldn't take long as I already some notes for a Christmas story. Not sure how much steampunk spicing I can throw on there, but I'll give it a shot. One more drink and here we go!

I guess it is a good thing to have an editor, because they cut these part out and let the story stand on its own. I like it, it reminds me that I was kind of trying to emulate O. Henry. Of course my story is not as bitter sweet but somewhat more acerbic. Still, thank you Sharon Flood and Tony Stark for the great editing job. I have been told so many times that I talk too much. Once again you may buy the anthology at my author page.

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