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Cookbook Ernest Samuel Llime
Whatcha Got Cookin?  

I love to eat and have over the years learned how to cook some of the things I enjoy eating. Being that my wife is also a good cook and baker with some professional experience, I asked for her help in putting together a cookbook that will reflect our tastes (in food) and she has agreed to pitch in. We are also including a little bit of a critique as well as tips on how to do things a little bit better.

For example, we have a beef with a lot of fancy dining places. Some of them, will grill the best, juiciest, tenderest of steaks that you can think of and they will serve them to you next to some anemic, spineless and frankly, "ugly" French fries. What gives? Did they spend all their money on a world class grill master and where forced to ask the bus boy to fry potatoes?

Or how about hot dogs? One of the most American of foods they are being served in the lousiest buns ever invented. What's wrong with a nice French bun? Or a semolina bun? I know some bakers in New-York who do bake that kind of stuff.

We could really go on and on about these things, but the basic problem is this:
A lot of master chefs pay no attention to the small details of serving their masterpiece. So, what we are trying to say is, pay extra attention to the way you serve your dishes.






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