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Here's a bit of advice: Please do not drink any soda that contains high fructose corn syrup. Actually, a lot of mixed juice drinks, also contain that poison. I do not really care what the FDA says about it. As far as I can tell, the FDA is just playing politics. If you like soda, get a Sodastream, make your own at home and flavor it with syrup of your choice.

Next, let me tell you about alcoholic beverages. Starting with beer. A lot of brewers have cleaned up their act, but some of them have not heard the latest complaints. Like Corona for example. It still contains propylene glycol which is also used in your antifreeze.

I love cognac. It was difficult for me to stop drinking it when I found out that the French government allows cognac producers to add up to 2.5% caramel color to their mix as well as some amount of an additive named boise. The powers that be say that it does not affect the taste. It does affect my pocket (read about that here). I was thinking, what the heck, I do love single malt scotch. Guess what, the U.K. allows caramel color in their whisky as well. I just re-read my blog post and it doesn't do the math, so here it is. Buy a 750 ml bottle of Louis XIII cognac for $3,000. 2.5% could be caramel color which would cost $4.69 for a 32 oz bottle online. Yet you have just paid $74 for it - ???? What the heck, we'll just throw that boise in for free.

In addition to the beverages that I have mentioned in my blog, I have recently found an amazing distillery named Copper & Kings. They make an American Craft Brandy that specifies on the bottle that they DO NOT add caramel coloring, sugar or any other additives. Their apple brandy is also amazing! Later for Calvados. I'd say the French need to wake up, or die.

Bottom line: do some research! Things that you put in your body will eventually make a difference in your health status. Paying a little bit of attention today, can make a huge difference in 50 years.  E.G.: buy a Coca Cola or Pepsi that uses sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

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