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6 Days in the Central Park

6 Days in the Central Park

ESL - July 2014, Central Park NYC

t. I
G G+

Water is a blessing, of which all life is made,
You'll find plenty of it in the 20 acre lake
Weather permitting - from April to November
A hundred boats are waiting for a water loving renter

In the center of the reservoir a geyser you may spy
A breeze is ruffling the water underneath blue sky
You may jog around it or perhaps you'd rather walk
Just be wary of the others who are walking by the clock

Conservatory water - where you'd float your model boat
You could always bring the children they won't even need a coat
They can run around as happy as children seem to do
and they may even climb Hans Christian Andersen too

It was Sunday in the park
and now it's getting dark
It surely was a bunch of fun
And now it's home to dine
Perhaps a glass of wine
Here is where we close day one

The grass is green and dewy and it sparkles in the shade
How many people know mostly of grass our food is made
It's rice, it's maize, it's barley, it is wheat and sugarcane
We smoke it, drink it, eat it when it's whiskey or chow-mein

Flowers are so beautiful, their colors low and high
They're transient but radiant and always catch your eye
So many of us, flowers - to our sweethearts gave
But did we stop to think that's what they have, that's what we crave

Trees are tall - tall trees are might
They dress up in green with flowers oh so bright
And no one stops to tell them that it isn't right
So noted - the rainbow - is a very pretty sight

It was Monday in the park
and now it's getting dark
I think next time I might take you
At home I'll have a Cognac
Or snifter full of Armagnac
That is how we close day two

I'm lying on the grass - and gazing at the sky
Beneth the wispy clouds - I hum a lullaby
The sun is going down - I'm singing it to rest
A feeling of contentment is blooming in my chest

Aysu, Indu, Lucine, Selena - we might call her the moon
To brighten our dark night - she will rise up real soon
In love with her we've been for most of our lives
For her our loins are howling, more than for other wives

Shedar - Bellatrix - Einath - Adhara
Hadar - Andromeda - Virginis - Athena,
and Vega and Venus will soon look down on us
I'm floating high amongst them yet my ass's still on the grass

It was Tuesday in the park
and now it's getting dark
Here's what you shall do with me
Put on your flowered blouse
and meet me at the house
Have a beer and we shall close day three

La, la. la ...
End Pt. I

Pt. II
WEDNESDAY (a.k.a. humpday)
Do you ever get a boner when your girl says look: birds and bees?
Even though you're in the park, do you see her on her knees?
Eagerly unbuttoning - your ever bulging fly
Raring to release the monster with one eye.

It's something that all animals are keen to know and do
It is something much, much bigger than me and you and you
I think we're getting closer to the main hullabaloo
So let's ask for some directions to the heavy petting zoo

It was Wednesday in the park
and now it's getting dark
Here's what I think we shall do
We shall do it on my floor
Have a drink and do some more
A remarkably great close to day four

I'm making my way slowly around the reservoir
Admiring the people both red and blonde and noir
Some boys are running past - athletic and aloof
One has a dog and running by he lets out a high-pitched woof

Here come three girls their tits a-shaking to and fro
In my head springs a baker a-kneading them like dough
I surely did not notice whether they had any hair
But the echo of their buttocks still trembles in the air

It was Thursday in the park
and now it's getting dark
Let's make some Jaegger come alive
We shall pour it over you
So I can lick it good and true
A debauched, brilliant close to day five
(and you may do the same Isis)

If we bring up the sun and moon to brighten day and night
And a rock is in our head why do we feel so light?
In our own breast we're churning and turning lead to gold
We are forever young - and never to grow old

We are the master who makes the grass so green,
We are one and we are many, we're bright and yet unseen
My Goddess and I - do the great work night by night
So it has been, so it shall be, from days of yore on to eternity

It was Friday in the park
and now it's getting dark
I think it's time for some sweet kicks
We shall do it on the table
We'll enlist my neighbor Mabel
A remarkably great close to day six

La, la. la ...


Copyright © 2014 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.

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