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Excerpts from Octavio & The Lotus

from Chapter 1 - Dougie

Dougie was nine years old. It was August 28th so just as in other years his mom had baked him a birthday cake. She had decorated it with berries and slices of mango and pineapple and she had written 'Happy 9th Birthday Dougie' on it. It was a Saturday and his daddy was home as well so the two of them sang him the birthday song and asked him to make a birthday wish and blow out the candles. He thought that birthday wishes were quite silly but he made one anyway. What he wished for more than anything was to have a girlfriend.

from Chapter 13 - The Battle of Doodletown

"Doodletown is a ghost town in the National Bear Mountain Park. In 1777 it was fairly populated and it was on the way from Stony Point to Fort Clinton and Fort Montgomery. I did a little research, so let me run with it."

"Thirty, are you sure?" asked the Colonel.

"Absolutely, commandant," was the answer.

"Good, we can use a little distraction. Captain Gross!"


"Get everyone ready. We will do this, bayonets only. The boys need to spill a little blood."

Back at the Wanderers camp, they were all relaxing, drinking some more coffee with their bacon and eggs, when the Hessians arrived. They did not try to hide their movements, after all, there were a hundred of them and they felt very confident. They were just going to destroy this silly little group and get on with their next killing spree.

Colonel Wolfgang's voice was quite loud and everyone heard him say:

"Kill them all," in German of course.

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