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Dougie & Petunia are two kids from Craftsbury Vermont who write novels. Their first novel went on to be a New York Times bestseller, so they started a sequel.

I wanted to create layers within layers of storytelling, so my novel is about Dougie and Petunia writing a novel that has at its center time travel. Their first novel is called Octavio & the Lotus. This is where we meet Octavio, his seven older brothers, his crusader father and many other characters. The story unfolds and fluctuates between Dougie & Petunia, their parents, siblings, and school mates and Octavio and his family and friends. Dougie and Petunia are in the 21st century, Octavio and his clan start out in the 12th century. A twist of sorts transports Octavio and his cohorts to the Hudson River Valley. They skip through time all the way to the 21st century before making it back home.

This novel was originally intended for young adults, but after it was finished, I realized that age is not a factor. This is a story that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their chronological number.

There were a lot of extra details that Dougie and Petunia agreed not to put in their novel. Dougie was stubborn enough to have them write an Addendum. The Addendum describes their experimental week spent in their back yard, so to speak, under 12th century conditions, as well as Dougie's fascination with calendars, lessons in cooking, musings about time travel and so on.

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The second book Time Is My Mignonette starts when the time travelers get back home. They bring some future individuals and technology with them and Dougie and Petunia need to do a lot more research to figure how to fit everything together.

I have started working on Time Is My Mignonette and in keeping with the format, I will also write an addendum.

That being said, I wanted to distance, these novels, from some of my other writings that are much more 'adults only' kind of stuff. Thus N. Pojk was born. It's a king of pun, En Pojke actually meaning A Boy in Swedish.


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