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Time is My Mignonette page 2 Ernest Samuel Llime

Excerpts from  Time Is My Mignonette


Standing outside the castle Romulus found it hard to believe that their adventures were just about over. His sons and their sons were standing right behind him. He was wondering what Laura would make of Elvis and Begonia and Algoma. Fleur de Lys and her science fairy were standing beside him as was Waldencraft. They were all waiting for  his sign. He turned his head to the left, to the right and then he turned all the way around facing his children, grandchildren and his newer family members. They all nodded at him so he said:
"Let's do it!"
He turned around just in time to notice a large group of horse riders approaching them. The leader looked over at Romulus and said:
"You look like the leader of this group. There are a lot more of us than there are of you, so why don't you tell your men to turn their horses around and leave".
"Why would we do that?"
"Because, this castle belongs to me now!"
"Is there an 'or else' or something?" asks Romulus.
"Yeah there is - or else we'll kill all of you".
"Seeing that there cannot be any more than forty of you, I will be generous and make you a counter proposal. If you turn your horses around and leave, I will let you go in peace".
"Is there an 'or else?' asks the first guy.
"You're still here," replies Romulus "in about a minute, my sons will beat you up, take your horses and you will have to leave on foot, if you'll still be able to walk".


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