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The bandits' leader had no time to finish his laugh before Septimus, who was closest, jumped up and kicked him in the head, knocking him off the horse and knocking him out as well. Absalom made a move, but Romulus indicated that he should stay quiet.
"My sons need the exercise more than you, so let them take care of it" he said.




" just thought of something" says Dougie "f the castle and everyone in it were frozen in time for nineteen years, what happened to the vineyards and olive groves?"


"Of course you would bring up the smallest details" answered Petunia. "They will as usual have the effect of turning us away from the main story, so let us make it simple. The groves and vines and everyone taking care of them were also frozen. There, now we can get back to the main story".

"What is your name?" she asked.

"My name is Pietro."

"Pietro, my name is Piuma and I am going to marry you and bear you children."

"But, you are so young and you travel everywhere, why?"

"Some people like to travel everywhere, and play and dance for kings, queens and sultans. I have already done that. Staying here with you, is what I know I should do from now on."

There were some issues with that decision, but Piuma had an iron will. Claudio and Catherina were of two minds about it. After all, traveling entertainers never had a good reputation. All kinds of bad things were always said about them. Pietro made it clear that this was going to happen and they had to admit that perhaps it was fated.

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