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Gyuri Lakatos - Hungarian ex locksmith (like his name) ex national high school middle weight boxing champ, relapsed catholic, single 29, emigrated 1980, naturalized 1987, amateur musician (jazz, sax, keys, drums). P/T jobs - roofing, window installer, bouncer, security guard. Still trains at Universal Boxing on 95th Avenue. Americans have a problem pronouncing his name - mostly comes out as Jury. Tall, red hair blue eyes with slight epicanthic fold, handsome and good humored - quite irresistible to women. He is the physical component of the partnership - enforcer, burglar (good with locks) playboy.

George Goldstein - Romanian Jew, software specialist (tech support, programming, etc) ex rock musician (guitar, vocals) agnostic, aikido, mystic, served in Israeli army (October War) divorced, 39, emigrated 1975, naturalized 1980, multi-lingual. His strong Romanian accent makes people hear Judge instead of George when he introduces himself, especially on the phone. That is why Con-Ed bills say Judge Goldstein - the name stuck. Short, salt and pepper hair, brown eyes, great talker (would make great salesman) personable, people tend to let down their guard around him, makes friends with women easily (but they mostly end up sleeping with Jury). Attractive to gays but unfortunately, straight.

Judge meets Jury at Shelton Fishing Club and Whatever ... Bar and Grill a pub on Jamaica avenue and 104th street - it is a rainy October and roofing is stopped seasonally. Jury is unemployed and so is Judge. The latter stepped on some VP's toes and was asked to leave. Got a reasonable amount in profit sharing, but it is slowly dwindling and he hasn't found another job. They both join the pool team become friends (play doubles, etc) Judge drinks foreign beer (Becks, Dinkelaker, Pilsner-Urquell, Bass Ale, Franziskaner, Harp, Tsing-Tao etc,.) and some smaller American Brewers Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada and all kinds of other stuff (Jaegermeister, Vodka, Tequila, Single Malt Scotch. Jury drink Bud and Absolut Vodka. At home Judge keeps a supply of Meyers Rum while Jury has a mysterious source of Romanian and Hungarian homemade Palinka.


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