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I started the first novel in this Quartet about 30 years ago. Somehow, I never got to finish it. I have a lot of scribbles and notes and once in a while, I go through them and transcribe them into this newer medium. For whatever reason, I seem to lose some of them and there are others that I set a password on. Of course being that I turn to other projects, by the time I visit TBQ again, I forget what the password was, so I have to start all over.

The main idea of the The Bulgarian Quartet (TBQ) has to do with HIV / AIDS and a whole imaginary SFF scenario that I have built around that. Book I starts with a retired old man going to Transylvania to research his roots, only to find that though his mother was from around that area, his father was originally from Bulgaria. During his search in Bulgaria he is drastically transformed both mentally and physically.

Book II deals with the old man, who has in the meantime changed his name to Alexei, coming back to NYC with his lover Alexia. He still loves to play his guitar and he starts a band named The Bulgarian Counts. I stole the idea from a rock'n'roll legend about Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, supposedly, approached Keith Moon to be their drummer. When they elaborated on their new style, Keith said: this will float like lead balloon. They liked the idea and they changed that to Led Zeppelin and the rest is history. Anyway, in my book, Alexei forms a kind of rock / blues band that has three Bulgarian women singing in the traditional Bulgarian style. If you haven't heard Bulgarian women singing do yourself a favor and look it up. You may hate it, or you may love it but if listen to enough of it, it will put you in a trance. He described his band to a friend of his who was a drummer and the guy asked: "What are you going to call your band, The Bulgarian Cunts? Obviously, the guy turned down the job. Alexei thought there was a nice ring to it, but no possible media exposure with that name, so he changed it to The Bulgarian Counts*.

* I actually liked the idea and I have an imaginary band by that name. I started a website named that is currently undergoing some renovations. If you'd like to hear some of TBC's recordings go to my Soundcloud page.

By Book III Alexei and Alexia have gathered a very large, world wide following to what a lot religious people, claim is a Satanic cult. Satan has nothing to do with it, and both Alexei and Alexia, as well as most of their followers are agnostic. Still, things deteriorate and the worlds major religions unite in their unanimous wish to destroy what they do not want to understand. It leads to a world wide religious war.

Book IV is kind of nebulous. I will get to it later.
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