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Free love is only one of the things that happen in book II. There is a lot more than meets the eye, as they say - whoever they are. Book III gets to the point where everyone needs to put their cards on the table. All the religious hypocrites need to face their deepest traumas and they are not up to it. Their automatic response is to declare war on all of those who threaten their inbred and indoctrinated beliefs. The conflicts escalates to the point where it becomes a Universal war. It is not only a matter of conflicting ideologies there are physical elements that the religious bigots cannot accept as natural. They are convinced that Satan is making another play.

Alexei & Alexia have emerged as the leaders of what the bible thumpers and Koran wielders view as a world wide cult. Besides threatening their 'God', this is threatening their power base. They are in danger of losing their power over the minds of the masse, as well as uncounted trillions of Dollars, Euros and so on. The Jews, the Christian and the Muslims join forces. The Hindus and the Buddhists remain neutral. The smaller religions fall on whatever side, but their impact is not too significant.

Dogma could never face truth, however it used yo a lot more powerful than truth. Faced with a real strong truth, it refuses to admit its errors, choosing to fight and create more martyrs. A great thing for churches and such.

I am, course on the side that has never supported religion, but this is a fiction so I hope that it comes out the way I would like. However, I still have to write it, so let us hope.


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