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Robot in Distress
"Your charge is at 0.23%. You will not make it to the next charge station. I will have to perform an emergency field re-charge. Let me help you lie down."

She rubbed her thumb between his ambulatory units releasing his extension. Putting a hand behind his back she lowered him gently until he was lying supine on his back. His extension was lying against the metal thigh looking old and deflated, so she wrapped her hand around it sending a gentle electric spark through her palm. His response was sluggish but she was glad to see that there was one. Were he to deplete his battery completely, all of his short term memories would be erased and he would need some kind of therapy in order to re-establish personality continuance. She sent another gentle charge into his extension and this time she got the response that she was looking for. Two prongs popped out of the tip of his extension and she wasted no time. Straddling him, she fitted the two prongs into her pelvic socket. She had never performed a field re-charge so she opened a channel to central.

"Central, this is Lucy-Juicer 3696969. I need guidance."

A few passers-by stopped to witness the operation.

"Status report," replied central.

"Sam-I-M-3233347 is at 0.23 charge. I am performing field re-charge. I have deployed the extension prongs and plugged them into my pelvic socket and I am proceeding."

Lucy reached down to a button located on inch above her pelvic socket.

"Applying rotative friction to pelvic receptacle knob.
Receptacle bi-valve widening to allow extension insert.
Commencing lubrication to allow non-damaging insertion.
Extension is inflating at a slow rate. Applying a second static discharge."

She wrapped her fingers around the extension and allowed a trickle of static electricity into her fingers. Sparks started flying generating a buzzing noise but she got the desired reaction. The extension inflated to a more rigid state allowing her to pull it in, with her retracting her socket.

"Wow, it's just like fucking," said one of the by-standers.

A pre-teen, out shopping with her mom, joined the circle of watchers. The mother grabbed her arm and pulled her away.

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