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"Mom, it's just a charging unit doing her job. We learned about it on school," complained the young girl.

"Well. it looks indecent," said the mother "I don't want you to see this."

"Extension fully inserted. Commencing re-charge," said Lucy.

She started an up and down pelvic motion applying friction to Sam's extension. At first it was very slow, but gradually the motion started creating a clanging sound. Kind of like a large metal gate slamming shut. She kept her hand on his brow reading his numbers. It was not working.

"Central, this is not working. The charge is being applied, but the energy loss is slightly bigger that the intake."

"Are your chest units active?"

"That was not in my protocol."

"It is part of the latest software boost. Apparently, you have received the hardware upgrade but not the software boost. You need to come in right after completion to receive it. Perform manual activation by pressing on your chest knobs simultaneously. That will close the circuitry and stop the leak."

Lucy did as instructed and the two conical chest units started spinning with a rapid motion and sound that was alternating between that of a drill and a buzzing saw. Sparks started flying from one knob to the other. The watching pedestrians, who have multiplied in the meantime applauded and raised a moderate roar.

"Thank you central. The additional circuit is doing its job."

It didn't take long before Sam started responding to the charge stimulus. His pelvis started arching slowly at first, but picking up momentum as the charge was getting higher. Lucy's pelvis was keeping track and responding with the same frequency. Within the span of 10 minutes the pistoning action increased incrementally, turning into a trembling blur. The noise level increased accordingly, reaching the loud decibels of a large pneumatic jack-hammer. It served as a warning to the pedestrians who started moving further back from the action. A flashing circle appeared on the pavement and central opened a loud audio channel.

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