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A Rose Is Born page 6 Ernest Samuel Llime
Time Passages.

So much venom -  all gone now. I am sitting in front of my computer rethinking everything. That man who wrote the previous couple of pages could not have possibly been me. I have to admit that it is all fairly well written and that under certain circumstances, I could have become that bitter, cranky, half-crazed human animal. I am of half a mind to destroy the shameful document, but think it might be better to keep it as a sort of cautionary tale to myself. I have known you for two weeks and for two weeks I have been as nervous as a school boy in love for the first time.

Chris Isaak is wailing his love from my CD player and I share his sentiments exactly, when he sings of "Two Hearts." For two weeks, my days felt incomplete until I got to see or talk to you. When you were talking about living together, I was thinking: What the Hell are we waiting for? Every moment we spend apart is lost and useless. When the train carrying me to meet you was crawling, I could only wish to fly and bugger the cliches. Work could not be any further from my mind. Annual processing is something that happens every year, and I am sure we will enter fiscal 1998 sooner or later.







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