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The Artist or The Asshole page 8 Ernest Samuel Llime
The Artist or The Asshole   The Asshole     
      The Asshole
  • Sits down and writes about love.
  • He takes photographs of people in love. he writes music about people in love, he makes videos about people in love.
  • He takes it all out on the road - his guitar playing sucks, his technique is non-existent, his voice is scratchy and rough.
  • People laugh at him, throw things and boo him off the stage.
  • He does not care - he just keeps doing it as if he is possessed by a demon - and he probably is.
  • He keeps at it day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year - eventually, he gets pretty good at it - when he recites a poem or sings a song, people's ears prick up - the conversations become muted - when he's done there is applause and once in a while a standing ovation.
  • ... that's when he meets her - the one who will change his life - the one who will make him the subject of his own art. It is love at first sight - most mutual and all - they move in after a week or so and swear undying love and fidelity.
  • Things are great - the sex is phenomenal - she's a good companion as well as a great cook - and it seems that his life is on the brink of a logarithmic curve.
  • He can still take photographs of people in love. he can write music about people in love, he can make videos about people in love, but one little thing has changed - he can now publish whatever, whenever and wherever it pleases her.
  • He knows that true art does not need justification, true art does not permission, and true art does not compromise. He knows that he should pack up his guitar and his notes and get the fuck out of there!
  • He could just stay and do as he please - but it seems that art and love cannot co-exist.
  • Given the tough choice that he has to make he sits down and writes:
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