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Cheekless Kafirs*
Ernest Samuel Llime - March 2009, Woodhaven

- Hey, Ali, marchaba* - let us share a good cup of coffee and celebrate.
- Marchaba, and what is it that we are celebrating?
- The cheekless kafirs are at it again - in some distant land named Ireland they are blowing each other up.
- Who are these cheekless people?
- These are people are so skinny that they have no cheeks. In the Western lands it is fashionable to be skinny and some people go to some kind of Mosque and pay money to some kind of teacher that teaches them how to be skinny. Some other people are so afraid of getting fat that every time they eat something, they have to throw it out of their bellies again.
- So are the skinny ones blowing up the fat ones?
- Oh Ali, you're so funny - do you not follow politics? These are just people of different religions.
- So if it is not the skinny people against the fat people, then some of the people on the other side must also be cheekless.
- This is just so. Not too long ago they were just blowing and shooting each other up pretty as you please. Women and children too; and then they stopped for a few years.
- O.K., so were any of them following the prophet? - They are following one of the lesser prophets: Yssa*.
- Now I'm getting a little bit confused - which side is following Yssa?
- Both sides!
- Whaa - so how can we tell the difference?
- Well we can call them Christians alif & Christians ba.
- You mean like in Christ? Is he the one that said that when somebody strikes you you should turn the other cheek?

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