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L Avion de Sandra page 22 Ernest Samuel Llime
L Avion de Sandra
Ernest Samuel Llime - September 2011, Woodhaven

L'Avion de Sandra.
Now, just where did that come from?
I was doing the dishes when it popped into my head. It is French, of course and it means Sandra's airplane. I took French for about 3 years in elementary school. I used to be pretty good at it too, but 40 some years with almost no practice made me forget a lot of it.

L'Avion de Sandra.  
I think I have a modified form of Alzheimer's, I call it Al's rhymers disease. Things just get twisted in my mind, which is why I always carry notes with me that I refer to when I sing, recite a poem, or tell a story. Without notes things come out funny, like for instance "The Rose" might sound like this:
    Some say love go take shower
    You smell worse than any goat
    But don't take more than half an hour
    Or you might just miss my boat

L'Avion de Sandra.
When I was about 14 and living in another country, Sandra was one of my neighbors. She was living in an asbestos shack much like the one I was living in, and she was about a year or so older. You all probably want to know about the shacks - they were temporary dwellings erected by the government to house poor immigrants. But, back to Sandra, she did not have an airplane, what she did have, was a busted curtain, so me and my buddies used to amble casually by her fence when we knew that she might be changing into her pajamas. On some days we would be rewarded with a view of her budding little breasts (the window did not afford a view of her nether parts,) whereupon we would all make some

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