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Brother Theodore page 10 Ernest Samuel Llime
  • Lots of other funny things happened in the meantime.
  • Imelda's shoes - seemed more important than the fall of her U.S. supported husband.
  • The Ayatollahs - replacing another U.S. supported tyrant with an extreme regime so tyrannical it is even starting to worry the rest of the Arab world.
  • The raid on Waco - no one knows for sure what happened (besides lots of deaths;) some of the evidence, including a bullet ridden church door disappeared the next day.
  • The children of the YFZ Ranch - removed by the authorities for all kinds of bogus  reasons - but happily returned later on.

As for Brother Theodore, I wasn't sure at the time that I didn't end up in some kind of strange cult. I thought it might be something like the Church of Scientology where I had watched a very twisted "History of the World" movie. His name did come up in conversation once in a while, but somehow, I never caught any of his appearances on the Letterman show and it is only now that the mystery is resolved. Many thanks to UncleBob Martin who has posted a link to the Brother Theodore Collection (it seems broken now.)


I am still digesting the stuff but I believe I am starting to see the light. Will the above serve as an intro to Brother Theodore? I say it will serve as well as any. I have a few points of similarity with the good old Brother; I was not myself in a concentration camp but I had lost a lot of my family in one of them and though I do not usually advertise this, I believe that a lot of my thinking processes were influenced by this fact. Just like Brother Theodore, I cannot get rid of my heavy accent (it's not as strong as his.) I believe I have finally come to terms with the absurd and its various incarnations from Kurt Schwitters, through Dali,  Zappa and on to The Plasmatics and G.G. Allin. In an event that seems in retrospect imitative and pretentious, I once read John Lennon's "A Spaniard in the Works" and "In His Own Write" out loud to a circle of friends on a beach in Israel, none of whom understood the English language (the puns do not work in translation.)

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