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ESL - February 2014, Kiriat Bialik
Hebrew letters have numerical values and are traditionally used for numbering things. Kabbalistic numerology proposes that words that have the same numerical value are interchangeable. A good English example would be God = Dog - in some mystical philosophies that became (or arose from) the idea that early astronauts came from Sirius a.k.a. the Dog Star. A funnier one of course is the Hebrew word "Shaday" which means "my tits" but is also one of God's names - gives rise to very strange juxtapositions which were very likely used before. I am told that the Yidish theater did that in a production called "Kabbalah" but I only have the hearsay and no first hand knowledge. It is also said that Howard Stern's daughter played the tits (or the God) part and that she was totally nude - how the Hell did I miss that?

Be that as it may, in my attempt at Lexiconizing, I have decided to ignore spelling and concentrate on pronunciation - as my attempt includes a variety of languages and reconciling all of that is already quite a complex undertaking .

This gives rise to some funny juxtapositions - for instance: there is a truck driving around Kiriat Bialik (where I am currently visiting) sporting an ad for "Mama's cous-cous" - in Hebrew "cous(kus)" means pussy (comes from Arabic, I believe the Bible does not have a word for it.) Same exact pronunciation, not same spelling. As "kus" means kiss in German and "pussy" in Hebrew, "pussy" means kiss in Hungarian and we know what it means in English, I have the germ of an idea for a little vignette involving all of the above. Since "pot" means vagina in Hebrew and "I can" in Romanian, it will of course involve confusion over the ability of cooking or fucking mama's cous-cous. There are even more languages in which "kuss" means corn, shoreline, where -  others in which "pot" means little boy, sweat or road "can" means dog, milk, here, soul, white, flour and in Swedish "kiss" means pee - let's see where that takes us.

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