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ESL - May 2009, Woodhaven
Be forewarned - I have been told that this is a sick, disgusting and very nasty story. Read at your own risk!

So, if you think you're ready and you do not have a weak stomach here we go. Do not blame me if you toss your cookies after reading this one.
I would only say: I TOLD YOU SO!

Ali was a Palestinian kid growing up in Gaza. Of all the kids in his class, he was the smartest and he grew up to be big, strong and wise beyond his years. Unfortunately, he was living in a place and at a time that did not favor survival of the fittest, the most beautiful, or the smartest. His mind as well as a lot of other young minds, were nurtured, nourished and ripened for the picking by any black hat that came along.

My definition of a black hat is that of a charismatic religious/popular leader that is corrupting the people who look up to him with his twisted unrealistic dogmas. I am deliberately leaving that sentence in the male form - I can't quite point out any women with a similar agenda. Just to be clear, that hat could be a turban, a fedora, a kamelaukion*, a zucchetto*, or a yarmulka* and it could just as easily belong to a Greek Orthodox priest, a Hindu swami, a Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi (check out the One Frum Skeptic for a cute blog entry) as it could belong to a mullah.
*kamelaukion - a tall cylindrical black hat worn by Greek Orthodox priests
*zucchetto - a little skullcap worn by the Pope (white), a cardinal (red), or a Catholic priest or deacon (black)
*yarmulka - a skullcap worn by religious Jews. Black ones are usually worn by the more Orthodox amongst them.

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