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Ernest Samuel Llime - Woodhaven.  in the year of our Lord WGaF*

When I was born, my parents were just recovering from the after effects of the second world war. Exactly six million Jews had been exterminated by the Nazi Germans and as I was growing up, my parents kept telling me that - was the reason they became communists and did not believe in GOD anymore. In spite of that, they agreed to let a professional pervert cut off a piece of my little pecker.

This is how it works: You take an eight day old boy and let him suck on a little rag dipped in sweet wine, and when he is least expecting it, you slice off his foreskin and suck the booboo a little bit to stem the blood flow.

And this is how this custom seems to have come about: The day after Abraham did not kill Isaac because GOD stayed his hand??!!?? Abraham gathered all his trusty advisors to ask their opinion about the incident. All but one had already agreed on an explanation, namely, that this new GOD had played a practical joke on Abraham and that there was no need to worry any more. Unfortunately the one who said nothing was actually the one whose advice Abraham found most valuable, so nothing  would do but that he voice his opinion. This is what Zalman  said eventually:

- Look Abe, I told you when this Dude was making overtures around here that you have to be careful with this One. But you just had to get greedy. O.K., so he delivered this land to you, but you have no idea how much trouble this is going to cause in the future. This Guy is going to want more and more and is going to deliver less and less. It's still not too late you know; When he said: "Thou shall have no gods but me" he made it quite clear that not only are there others out there, but also that they are also, obviously interested. We could switch now before he gets too big and greedy. Abraham would have none of that. He always

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