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So, I just finished watching a documentary named "The Quantum Activist."
In it Amit Gotswami, a celebrated physicist is expounding his theories about quantum mechanics, non-local consciousness, God and so on - anyway, go see it, it's well worth it.
He is actually saying the same things that mystics like Jesus, Buddha, Bayazid and others, have been saying for thousands of years.
These teachings are not that complicated, it is just that most of humanity is not willing to take the necessary steps in order to understand them.

Dr. Gotswami says that at a quantum level, matter can only be thought of as potentially manifesting at a certain place at a specified time. He then posits the idea that there is a Universal non-local consciousness that manifests that matter continuously - think of it as God if it is easier for you - I call it Love.

The problem that I always had with this kind of thinking is that it appears incomplete. I wish Gurdjieff, Ouspenski and others like them were not that oblique and obfuscated and that Crowley's writing didn't bore the crap out of me - it is possible that they explain the part that I keep missing.
Here's the thing, I accept that on a basic level we are all part of one thing - we are all God if you like. So the problem is always, how do we reconcile that basic idea with the personal "I" that we inhabit?

When we meditate, it is easy to accept universal Love, God and feel one with "the Other" but we do live in a material enclosure that has all kinds of other needs, so meditating can only be done for short periods of time.

Whether we do, or do not meditate, there is a major chasm between the "I" and "the Other" - it has been dug by generations upon generations of us trying to interact with each other while placing the "I" over "the Other." Most of the systems that we have in place today, seem to have been developed for that exact purpose - just think: religion, politics, economics, morals, language, etc.

I do think about things like "do unto others," derogatively most of the time, even though it is not such a bad idea. What is missing from that phrase is Love - Crowley's law: "Do what thou Wilst - with Love - is all of the Law!" is a lot simpler and as well as a lot more complete.


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