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Spiritu-Philo-Mystical Essays page 17 Ernest Samuel Llime
I AND THE OTHER - page 2 of 2

Most bible thumpers are missing some important parts of their creed - I think Jesus said that "... He died for your sins just as you will die for His" (and somebody chopped off the second part of the statement) - he also said "Love thine enemy as you would thyself" (I actually find this very difficult to do even though it is quite logical - I'll explain that thought some other time) because he knew that you and your enemy are One. The truth is that if one human doesn't get to go to Heaven, none of us will.

This is what this Gotswami dude recommends:
In order for the world to become a better place we need to "BE" in a meditational state once in while so that we can feel our connection to each other and to the entire non-local system that we are a part of.
Other times we have to "DO" things which is what he calls our active every day mode. Alternating the two states he is channelling Sinatra as he advises: DO-BE-DO-BE-DO.
I'm with you pal though I'd rather you were channeling Bowie, but here's the thing:
If matter is just a potential manifestation in the mind of God - once this non-local consciousness (God) stops thinking of me - do "I" dissappear? am "I" then un-created?
And what about my own consciousness? Is that also a direct result of the non-local program? Does that also vanish when the matter does?

Here's what I think:
The matter (of your body) does most certainly not vanish when you die - it just gets transformed into other kinds of matter - some of it quite living thank you vey much!
The consciousness that is generated through the interaction of your brain, your body and the assorted chemical processes they go through is actually some kind of energy - and again, I don't see how energy can possibly be destroyed - it can only be transformed. (and another thing, just how does this consciousness relate to that other non-local consciousness - is it of the same kind?)
So, just because we have not yet devised a "scientific" method to track the exact path this energy takes does not imply that it vanishes into thin air.

My recommendation to everyone:
If you want to understand the Universe and our current existence a little better meditate more and think less (do not give that up - just don't expect science to come up with it all.)

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