Allah'hu Akhbar!

In Israel "akhbar" is, like so many other Arabic words, actually used as part of the local slang. The word means great, but in the local usage it is more like: awesome! incredible! and other superlatives. I have learned since then, that the Muslims apply that epithet to Allah , which is, as everyone probably knows by now, what they call their God. I have heard similar descriptions of God from Jews, Christians, Hindus and others. Everyone knows that God is the greatest, the mostest, the supremest; He is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and so on, and so on. He works in mysterious ways, He is inscrutable, inimitable, immutable, infinite, Ö. He is God!!!

So, then it stands to reason that God also has infinite love, infinite patience, infinite humility, infinite
understanding: He is everywhere, He is everything, He is all things and unlike the popular misconception that God is genderless, the reality is that God is all genders. And She is worthy of our love, our trust, our faith, our lives, our souls, etc. Now, know ye all that I am and have always been, (since I converted from atheism,) an agnostic, but I would most certainly agree, that if there were a God, He/She/It would certainly be omni-everything.

Therefore, it is extremely baffling to me that so many people, do not have a problem with the fact that
someone as moronic as lets say, G. W. Bush knows the ways and the word of God, and he can change the laws of the land to reflect that knowledge of his. Doesnít anyone actually know that God is a lot more Akhbar than any human can ever encompass? How can all these puny little idiots claim that they are the only ones who understand the word of God? And how can so many millions of us be so easily swayed by the charms and glib words of aKhomeini, a Swaggart, a Bakker, a Dollar or a Jay?? How many self styled Guruís need to buy fleets of Rolls Royce automobiles with our hard earned cash before we undersatnd? What kind of University does a Satmar Rabbi graduate from in order to become the leader of a powerful Jewish orthodox faction? What makes him so much smarter than your average New York subway
bible thumper? How many of you out there actually believe that an illiterate moron who can barely read, can actually point out to you something that you might have missed in your 200 or 300 re-readings of the Bible?

So hereís a word to all the Rabbis, Gurus, Pundits, Ayatollahs, Popes, Reverends, Ministers, and all other
kinds of holier-than-thou riff-raff: Allah is indeed akhbar; She is so akhbar that none of you have the brain
capacity to actually envelope the magnitude of that concept. To all of you who say God is Great, I would like to say: She is indeed and a lot greater than you can imagine. And when you all come to me and try to explain, cajole, threaten and bribe, let me just say this: I can look inside a flower and see much more God than any of you can ever conjure with your pitiful efforts. I know than that She loves me, and I am not afraid of all your invented Hells. She would never send me there. You actually have to work very hard and become a Hitler, a Stalin, a G. W. Bush or some kind of Richard the Lion-Hearted to actually get there.

Allah, the most akhbar, most merciful, most generous and most loving friend in need.
Love her because She is beauty, goodness and mercy, and never-ever be afraid of Her.

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