Who is the Master Who makes the Grass Green?

Some of you may have heard this before (especially if you are one of my children, or friends,) but for the ones who did not and for the ones who may not remember it too well, here it is, black on white (or some other two contrasting colors that will enable the reading of this.)

The way this color vision works is like this: The white light of the sun actually includes all the colors of the
rainbow in it. When that light shines on something, that object is absorbing most of the colors except one. So if it is grass that we are talking about, the grass is absorbing all the colors of the spectrum except green. And so, the funny part is that we actually call the grass green when in reality, it is all colors except green; Green is the one color that it rejects. So when you say the grass is green, you are actually subscribing to a preconceived notion that everyone else holds on to. The truth is that: GRASS IS ANYTHING BUT GREEN.

Here is another thought for you to examine: Science says that green is the color with a wavelength between 5000 and 5400 angstrom units. It cannot however tell us how that looks to you, or to me. I can accept that everyone who can perceive colors, calls the color that occupies that part of the spectrum green, but no one can prove to me that what they actually see is the same thing that I see, even though we give it the same name.

So here is the point that I am getting to: You, of course are the master that makes the grass green. Not only do you make it so by decree (as I was trying to demonstrate in the previous paragraph,) you also make it so by your very existence. Because let us face it, without some kind of sentience to construct all of these elaborate theories, languages, perceptions, etc., none of this would be available, nor indeed necessary.

So, to take this little thought exercise a little further, you need to embrace the concept that the goings on in
the exterior world, are all forwarded to your brain by your senses but the interpretation is taking place in your own, private and personal brain. Science can explain all of that for the rest of eternity, religion may preach at you till it is blue in the face and your mom may boxed you ears when you misbehave, but none of them can actually change the fact that the one thing that gives life and existence to all of creation is, your, own, brain. Any one thought that you hold about morals, religion, science and so on, is totally and absolutely your own interpretation of whatever it is that is really out there.

Basically, if your neighbor's dog tells you to go and kill someone, and you actually do it, it is not the neighbor or his dog, not the Devil and not the aliens; You did that. Adversely, if God tells you to go and kill your only son and you have the intention of doing it, again it is your brain that interprets the signals, and it is you who executes the command. So, do not shirk the responsibility; It is all yours.
YOU ARE THE MASTER WHO MAKES THE GRASS GREEN. (Or brown, if you so choose.)

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