Same Sex2

      I am not so sure I understand the same sex attraction – in men that is. In women now, that is a totally different kind of turn-on. What red-blooded, functional heterosexual male would not get a major kick out of watching two “babes” going at it? As a matter of fact, I know that a lot of lesbian scenes in porn movies are faked. What I mean by that is that the girls are not really and truly lesbians, especially since you can see them in the next scenes taking any number of guys. Most hetero males, of course, prefer it that way. They want a chick that is basically performing on the other chick/s for our own joy, edification and manly masturbation. We are, of a certainty, major voyeurs.

     Personally I have an even stronger reason; I once had a six months affair with a woman who was cheating on her girlfriend with me. Wow!

     But seriously now, let us indulge in a small thought experiment – You just had sex with your girl and it - was – good! You’re slowly drifting away into la-la-land and you sense that she is getting up and going away – You know that she is probably went to the bathroom – Outside it is getting darker and inside the lights are off so you are falling asleep. Some time later you wake up partially to the sweet sensation of lips on your penis and you marvel at her change of heart; Previously, she seemed quite reluctant to perform this last intimate act with you, but you don’t dwell on it too much because after all, today is your birthday and this is a fabulous gift and besides that, by now, you spend like a gas pump. Over satisfied, you fall into a sweet golden slumber filled with the most marvelous of dreams.

     A few hours later, you wake up needing to use the toilet and you realize that there is a naked body on each side of you and it dawns on you that your birthday present is even better than you thought; anyway, you scoot down the bed use the facilities and you are back in no time at all. By now, the thought of which of her friends is in bed with you has got you quite inflamed again, so you start by exploring the body on your left (your girl always sleeps on your right.) You spoon yourself against a very smooth and warm pair of butt cheeks and you drape your hand over her waist – You tease yourself for a few moments with the anticipation of feeling the breasts that go with that smooth butt, or the exploration of that holiest of holies - the fountain of life - the honey pot – is it smooth? – is it trimmed? Is it wet? Is it … ? Oh, what the heck, you just grab that cunt.

     Screech!!!! Brake hard!!!! Shift to reverse at once!!!! Did you just feel a dick?

     So you scream out: “Holy fucking mother of God – What the fuck did just happen?

     Everyone is awake and somebody, it may have been you, has turned on the light and your girlfriend’s twin brother is revealed lying on the same bed your girlfriend is in. There is a space where your body had just been, and you are trying not to notice that his hair is the same color, style and length as hers; that his mouth is full and fleshy and the exact shape as hers, and ….

     O.K., everybody got the idea, right?

     So, now, the aftermath; we will leave the bedroom scene for the one that is playing in your mind. Did a guy just give a blow job? One part of your mind knows that is what has happened, but another one is covering it up – Maybe it was just a birthday prank and it was really her that did it. You remember all kinds of little things you did that may have made her upset but you know she wouldn’t go this far to revenge herself.

     You know, even assuming that was the truth, you have to admit that you couldn’t tell the difference and that you enjoyed it immensely at the time. If you knew that it was a guy, you would NOT enjoy it at all, it would be torture, and besides, it would never get that far. So, is this, God forbid – going to turn you into a faggot? You didn’t know so you cannot be guilty. Anyway, it could not be a guy right? A guy wouldn’t know how to give such great head! Really?!?

     All right, we can beat this dead horse a little bit longer, but I think it is useless; it’ll stay dead. Let us instead postulate this:

     If you are the kind of guy who loves to fuck, on the bed, on the living room carpet, on the ceramic tiled kitchen floor, you on top, you on the bottom, from the front, from behind, sideways and on top of the running washing machine, with the lights on or off, and you love to receive and/or bestow oral sex and any other kind of kinks that you and your partner can consent to, I would like to postulate that you are bi-sexual no matter what you consider yourself. All the baggage that comes with living in a society and by necessity and education absorbing its culture, morals and so on, would not make a difference if the sexual act was performed purely as such; Yeah baby, lets do it!

     Personally, I consider myself a heterosexual and have never had any same sex experiences, but in my mind I sometimes feel limited by the thought I am incapable of having sex with a man. After all, at least for me, sex is also a bonding experience, a growing closer to someone and showing a side of you that they would otherwise never witness.

     A couple of last thoughts: What if you are gay and the whole scenario was reversed? Meaning the blow job came from the sister? What if you are a woman - straight or gay?

     My contention is that we are all born bi-sexual and we could, if we tried, get back to that state, because after all, it seems that sexual preferences are all in our minds. And if you think that I am fucking with your mind you are probably right. The good news is that (no, not Geico,) that I seem to be capable of a bi-sexual mindfuck so there’s some hope; How about a mental-a-trois?

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