No More Day’s Inn

Last week I went to visit some friends in Lawrenceville GA. 10 days earlier I made a reservation at some fleabag hotel. When I got there at 10:30 pm on the appointed day, they gave me a smoking room which was totally unacceptable. Sat in the car with my phone and fired up No problem- found a room at a Day’s Inn 2 minutes away.

The problem happened when I got there. The reservation did not get to their system. Also, they had no non-smoking rooms available. Makes me wonder how found one. The night manager was not very friendly at all. So from now on, in the words of Mr. Wonderful, and Day’s Inn are dead to me. Lucky that I have a smart enterprising wife. She found a non-smoking room at a Microtel only 11 miles away. The room was clean and the staff was very helpful. Both Microtel and Day’s Inn are owned by Wyndham Hotels. I wish someone would do something about and Day’s Inn.

To add insult to injury, Day’s Inn’s General Manager sent me an e-mail on 5/20 to tell me that the reservation for 5/19 has been cancelled but “I would be happy to reactivate the reservation if you would contact me with another credit card within the next 48 hours.” What the heck, does he have a time machine?

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