Einstein’s God

Religious people are so gullible. I guess one of them came up with this bogus story and others are propagating it. I assume that none of them had read anything actually written by Einstein. His arguments about the existence of God are not that simple and they are quite ambiguous. But back to this silly video. The professor’s arguments seem very simplistic and the young ‘Einstein’ sees through the first two with ease. It is the third one about evil that he tries to connect to the first two and fails miserably. I will get back to that in a bit, but first let me point out that the Professor did not get a chance to defend his arguments. If he did he might have said something like this:

Very good my little ‘Einstein’. First let me explain that I was trying to give you an argument that was based on the human senses. As you say, that is not true in physics. In physics there is no such thing as hot or cold, also no such thing as dark or light. But in physics there is also no such thing as good or evil. It is also true that we can define absolute zero as cold, but humans cannot yet achieve that point. The same thing is true about darkness; Absolute darkness can only exist at an absolute zero temperature. Anywhere higher than that, even if it is only one degree above absolute zero, photons exist. So, if we want to talk about good and evil, we need to use a human frame of reference. In this frame, God may have created good, but he cannot have ignored the fact that by creating good, he created a system in which there could also be an absence of good.  Why? Some bible scholars would tell you that good could not exist if there were no evil. But, God is Omni-potent isn’t He? So how could human arguments place limits on His powers? I cannot explain why that is other than to point a finger and say that to any logical human being God is evil!

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