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My Coque page 24 Ernest Samuel Llime

Yeah, I guess we were all quite drunk, cause here we are,
The stitches and the bandages came off today,
Amadou obviously did not have as good a hand as he was heard to say
Perhaps he tricked me, and he planned this all along,
No matter let's just see if my heart is that strong
And can it pump enough blood into a thing this long,
'Cause if it does this might harbor a truly brand new age,
I might forsake the field of medicine to tread upon the stage.
I'd be the incredible old Jewish guy whose dick can carry filled up buckets and crack wallnuts
When it is not doing charitable deeds or saving damsels in distress
but I digress,

Come here and bend over this chair,
Or else lie back and throw your heels up in the air,
I think I feel a little bit of tingle,
Rip off them scrubs let's let our organs mingle,
Bow down before my boy, let's test this brand new toy

But such a large part of myself by rights needs to have its own name
I cannot keep on calling it my boy - my toy

I got it now and I can see you're ready for the joy
so let me introduce in you the blessed Doctor Leroy!

Copyright © 2012 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.

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