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Prophecy # 1
ESL - year of our Lord WGaF - Woodhaven

     -You know Abe, some of the stories your advisors are telling everybody, will in the future be written in a big book that will all by itself manage to cause no end of troubles. The Rabbis and Priests and Preachers will all come up with their own individual explanations for the meanings of the various stories, but they will all agree that this book was divinely inspired and that what was written in there, were the words of GOD; A couple of thousand years from now they will all also agree that there is only one GOD even though they will not be able to agree on a general description or on the attributes of this GOD. This book will be called the Bible and the word itself will come to mean "the ultimate written authority" on any given subject. For some time to come, politicians, rulers and kings of our people will change the stories in order to justify their actions, but later on they will accept one version as the ultimate authority just as it is written.
     -Hey Zal, you're loosing me a little here; What exactly are you talking about?
     -I'll give you an example:
About a thousand years from now, there will be a king in this land who will be so successful at enlarging his real estate that the people will start to talk. The average person will have a hard time understanding the need for more land not to mention some of the nicer people who will just not get the facts. A lot of them will not be able stomach all the killing necessitated by this kind of expansionism. And so, our king will have one of his better scribes prepare a new copy of this Bible, that will add Sidon, Hebron and a couple of other spots to the places that we've stopped in on our way from up north. An additional detail will change our little community to a mighty nation that controlled all of this territory. Let me skip forward a few thousand years.
     -It's incredible! My descendents will manage to stick around here for such a long time.
     -Actually, not really. For two thousand years, your descendents will have no land of their own and and the only thing that will keep them together will be their belief in your

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