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she felt my presence.

     "Come in" she said, "for one leu I will tell your fortune." One leu was not a lot of money  but it was all I had in my pocket - It turned out later on that she always seemed to know how much money you had on you. Gypsies have quite a bad reputation in general, but I never did and still do not subscribe to general ideas, a lot of times they are just unfounded prejudice fueled by superstition - so in I went.

     The little tent was lit by two kerosene lamps that were creating mesmerizing shadows - in the middle of the floor was a very low table with a crystal ball and two piles of pillows - she took the kerchief off her head and sat down cross-legged on one side of the table gesturing for me to sit on the pillows opposite her. With her long raven-black hair, gold coin earrings and matching necklace she looked like a cross between Gina Lollobrigida and Rita Hayworth. She placed her hands on the sides of her crystal ball and bent to over for a closer examination, affording me a generous look down her low cut blouse - her breasts were somewhat larger than average though not too large and they seemed quite firm though it did not appear that she was wearing a bra. The flickering shadows made it seem as if she was wavering, perhaps she was, I could not be sure - I could also not be sure if I was glimpsing one of her aureoles now and then or if her skirt was crawling up her thighs to the point were it was possible that I was surreptitiously, spying some pubic hair.

     Without changing her position, she lifted her eyes, penetrated me with her gaze and proceeded to tell my future. I vaguely remember her telling me that I will never go hungry, that I will always have enough money but mostly not more than just enough, that I will love and be loved by many women, though not always in a physical way, that I will live a long and mostly happy and productive life, that I will have many offspring and other things that I do not quite recall. I do recall that towards the end of her predictions a little boy maybe one year old crawled out from somewhere in the back of the tent, climbed into my fortune teller's lap, pulled down her blouse fully exposing one beautiful breast with a large aureola

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