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Ernest Samuel Llime - August, 2010 - LI Highways

     For centuries people have been wondering about lost continents like Atlantis or Mu, lands that time forgot, lands in the center of the Earth and so on. I would like to point out that sometimes, these forgotten mythical places may exist (or may have existed) right in your back yard, so to speak. Let me direct your thinking processes towards one such place.

     When you drive around NYC you see lots of signs directing you to Eastern Long Island. But there are no signs for Western Long Island and you do not hear anyone mentioning that forgotten land. I became intrigued by this seemingly unbalanced geographical anomaly. It is absolutely inconceivable that the Eastern part of an island, could exist as a singularity, totally without its counterpart, The Western Island! I did some research, pieced together my findings, and I have come to this astonishing conclusion:
     Western Long Island was once as real as Eastern Long Island is today. As a matter of fact I believe that it still exists in some kind of dusty, unvisitable dimension. All of my sources are in total agreement about the basic facts that I will now reveal to you, that is, with exception of the chronology of it all. One source insists that as recently as 1948, that magnate, philanderer and secret murderer (according to "The Cat's Meow") Wiliam Randolph Scott, has actually maintained a very large estate on that part of the island.

     The roots of it all are somewhat shrouded in mystery, but it seems that about 2 or 300 years ago, some of the classiest of Boston society, decided that Beantown was becoming too crass for their stratospheric highnesses. They quietly moved their affairs and their residences to Western Long Island. Please keep in mind these were "THE" most aristocratic elite in the country. Why their accent was so so nasal, that me and you would probably not understand even half of what they were saying. That, may have eventually, led to their downfall. Western and Eastern Long Island were separated by a

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