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ESL - June 2014, Woodhaven
In 4th grade they started teaching us French - eventually, in our readers, we came upon this phrase: "notre poule dans votre cour" - innocent enough - its meaning is: "our chicken in your yard" - but not for Romanian 11-12 year olds. In Romanian "pule" means cocks and "cur" means ass - so for us that was "our cocks in your ass". Later research revealed that "pule" has many other wonderful meanings like "fuck" in Danish, "polish" in Galician, "pray" in Hawaiian and others - additionally, "cur" also means reactor in Hebrew, "put" in Manx and so on. This hilariously erectile introduction to my third language, makes the birth of this Lexicon a no-brainer.

I woke up this morning at the crack of dawn. Made me feel a bit nostalgic - during the second half of my formative years (I like to think of that as being somewhere between my 9th and 15th birthdays) I had met two females named Zorica, which could be translated as "Little Dawn" - one a girl around my age, the other a somewhat older woman - and yes I had sexcual relations with both. So "crack of dawn" easily became "crack of Dawn/Zorica" in my head. As I was about half awake by now, I realized that what had woken me up, were the slight motions that my lover Vati was making while masturbating. I love the female body with a passion and I really love to play with Vati's pussy, so I immediately took over - I know what to stroke, what to slap, what to tickle and so on - you get the idea. Vati, short for Parvati is a West Indian woman about 30 years younger than myself. I'm not sure why or how, but as I get older my women are becoming younger through no particular design of mine. This trend had started sometime in my thirties and has persisted so far. Previous females were of my own age and some that who were older, sometimes by as much as 20 years or more. Zorica as I was saying was around my age, but Madame Zorica was probably in her late twenties or early thirties. As I was playfully tweaking one of Vati's large brown nipples with my other hand I was however, remembering not Madam Zorica, but my

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