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Ernest Samuel Llime - 2009-2014, Woodhaven

The idea for this Lexicon occurred to me some years ago. I have decided to put some of that in writing and upload it to one of my web sites. Seeing it in front of me whenever I visit this site, will help crystallize and refine the idea as well as advancing the work.

I am a polyglot and as such I keep picking up words in languages unknown to me whenever I hear them - especially homonyms of words in other languages that I am familiar with. Some of these homonyms are simply hilarious and I sometimes attempt to find a common root that they can be traced back to, but mostly without any success. When GOD scrambled the language of humans after the Babel tower fiasco she did a good job that only SHE may be able to untangle.

The homonyms are auditory - e.g. Immanuel Kant's last name is pronounced "Cunt" - thus a homonym - spelling is irrelevant. For this lexicon, I am suspending the various inflection modifiers (umlauts, accents, tildes, etc.) I am also ignoring pronunciation variants - accents in different localities are VERY much not the same. Try for example to reconcile the French spoken in Haiti or Louisiana with the French spoken in the Congo.

English itself is an interesting example - chances are that an Englishman, an American, an Irishman and an Australian might have a hard time carrying on a conversation - so I will use whichever pronunciation helps me make my point.

Just like any boy, I am of course fascinated by the "dirty" words and I string together little stories revolving around them - sometimes I do not even need to free associate too much, it is all handed over to me. For instance  take a look at the work "kuss" - alphabetically strung Dutch / German, Estonian, Hebrew and Skolt Sami are saying: 

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