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A Dialog with God page 8 Ernest Samuel Llime
A Dialog with GOD - Part I
(a little bit later in) Year of our Lord WGaF*

ESL - July 2008, Woodhaven

- Hey Zalman.
- Who said that?
- I am your GOD!
- The omniscient, omnipotent, dude?
- These are some of my attributes.
- So why don't you know that my name is Sam?
- Your name is not important; to me you are all just little ants in a tiny little anthill.
- O.K. I can live with that, to me you are just a name to scare little kids and insecure adults     with.
- Whatever; I just wanted to talk a little.
- So talk, but just for the record, which GOD are you?
- There can be only one!
- Highlander? Did you finally decide what you're doing with yourself?
- Don't forget, I can still strike you down if it pleases me.
- Hey man, sorry, I mean your Omni everythingness, where's your Omni sense of humor?
- Just don't bore me!
- Right, so who is this Zalman?
- Zalman was Abraham's most entertaining advisor.
- Like in Abraham Avino?
- Yeah! - Flattered I'm sure; so what am I, like a descendent of his or something?
- You are, just like everyone else around, somewhat related to him but a descendent, not!     He wasn't very much into women; kind of like me; as a matter of fact, he never even    tried to get into any one of them. See, a joke!
- Ha, ha, ha, how come you are not talking to him then?
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