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"I heard about Zen," said Harry Krishna "Perhaps the sound of one hand clapping would do the trick. We should try it."
Both Jesus and Harry Krishna proceeded at once to produce the mythical sound. Harry Gabor went:
"I might one day tell this story to my grandchildren. I just wonder what the proper expression might be. It can't possibly be 'two hands clapping'. Maybe 'two one hand clappings?' That does not sound right. How about 'two individuals doing that one hand clapping thing?'"
Buddha, stirring but still with his eyes closed gave him an answer:

"Human language is sometimes not appropriate for expressing certain things."
He opened his eyes and seeing the hikers, stood up and bowed.

"Please forgive my inconsideration. This is supposed to be the road not taken, so I did not expect anybody else to be on it."
"Actually" said Eva "this is the road less travelled. The road not taken was  to the left of the fork in the road."
"In that case, I will have to return to the fork" said Buddha while levitating to a height that allowed them to pass underneath him comfortably "take a good hike."
They walked on. Radha, at the tail of the procession was the only one curious enough to look up.  Later on she remarked that Buddha's belly was famously his most outstanding feature probably because no one had seen his ass before.

At the end of the trail, there was a zip line that ended at a clearing in the woods below. The Gabors enjoyed the swift rush of endorphins released by the combination of height and speed. Jesus and Harry Krishna just picked up their women and went into a controlled levitational glide that placed them next to the Gabors all the way.  A nice clean sweet water lake was taking up part of the clearing so they all filled up their canteens except Jesus who walked out on the water gathering some large lotus leaves. They built a little bonfire and Jesus told everyone that he will prepare lunch. While the preparations were under way, two men walked into the clearing. A woman with a hijab-ed face  was walking behind them.
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