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Hopefully, none of you people decide to turn off your computer and have sex with one of your relatives. (Though, it is OK to do that with your primary cousins of the opposite sex, if you are Jewish.) If you do, you have misunderstood me and you should read this thing thing over. You might also want to wait for next month's thought on "Choosing Sides," and another future thought on "Living Within Your Chosen Social Group." I have to add here that one of the more annoying (to me) trends in non-thinking, is the one that has to do with weight. Especially, the weight of human females. "Get off of that stupid diet!!! Have a bite, cause you're wasting away. Look back at art during past centuries, and try to find some masterpieces, that are depicting skinny women." I'll give you a few clues - La Giaconda? Venus Rising? The Three Graces? I could prepare a list of a thousand zaftig (as in chubby?) nudes, but here's my point: to whom do we compare today? Cameron Diaz? Paris Hilton? Penelope Cruz? Yes, there are a few lights within this bony darkness (Kate Winslet - oh Goddess, Elle McPherson - yummy, and then ... but let's keep this impersonal.)

d. So, what I am getting at, is that YOU may appoint any part of your mind the master/mistress of your thought processes, and YOU may control what you are thinking, how you are thinking, etc. Exactly who is YOU, and how this process works, is not that easy to explain, but check out Douglas Hoffstadter's writings, especially "Godel, Escher, Bach" and rent or better yet, buy the DVD called "What the Bleep Do We Know?"








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