A sitting woman is a fabulous sight especially so when she is wearing little or nothing at all. I could spend hours looking at their charms, which is why I have put together this slideshow. Everyone of the women in this presentation is sitting, though their seats are varying from benches in public parks, to rocks, stairs and a variety of chairs, sofas, chaise-lounges and kitchen counters. Some of them are sitting on the floor or bare ground, but the majority of them are displaying their feminine charms for our visual enjoyment. As far as I know they are all 18 years or older, which is how I prefer them and I picked only the ones that seemed to actually enjoy posing in the nude as well as some that were possibly doing it for some kind of financial gain. I consider myself a feminist and would strongly  disagree with anyone who claims that these models are abused in any way. Were I a female I would most certainly attempt to profit from the current geo-political-economic situation. Everyone needs to become more aware of the power of pussy.

As for the slide, it seems that it is a bit buggy, with the thumbnails not always following the images and the main pictures freezing once in a while. It used to work better before windows 10, but stopping while a beautiful pussy is displayed in mid-screen is not necessarily a hardship and I can jiggle the controls a bit after I gazed at it long enough. The fading effect is also quite interesting in that it is not always fading the same way, so that the slide show tends to fade in and out in various areas seemingly playing hide and seek with pussies.

I enjoy watching this show once in a while, occasionally doing a lot more than just watching. I like to create little scenarios around the woman. For example, I have used the disguise of the female in the first image for a character in one of my novels. The second one being somewhat dark and large makes me think about placing my face between her titanic tits and my cock between her thighs, to warm myself at her inner fire on a cold winter's night. The third, with her legs spread so wide and that pretty orange hair framing the open cunt, makes me want to bury my head in there. A few slightly older girls, have decided to keep their tops on bearing only their nether regions. For some reason, they are all wearing glasses and they remind me of some teachers that I used to know. Looking at them, I am reminded of some English discipline stories and I feel very much like spanking their bare butts and slapping those pussies, till they beg for mercy. And then there are large ones, slim ones, red ones, yellow ones, black ones and others from all kinds of exotic places.  I just love the women!

"Marvin Sease - Sit Down on It"